Donetsk, Feb 3 - DAN. Kiev carried out an operation to send false bomb threat messages to the Donetsk People’s Republic in order to mount tensions in Donbass, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said on Thursday.

“Engineers’ conclusions point at Kiev’s involvement in these calls and messages,” Pushilin said. “The modern Ukraine has again shown its terrorist nature.”

He added that the Republic’s emergency services and dedicated departments had shown their readiness to deal with any situation and that a wave of bomb threats had earlier hit Crimea.

“We understand that this mounting of tensions is not just a psychological blow at our children and their parents, considerable expenditure and a tremendous load on personnel and emergency services.  It’s direct evidence of the readiness for an offensive,” the DPR leader said.

Reports on Wednesday said that the DPR had been hit with a wave of warnings alleging that bombs had been planted in schools, vocational training colleges and universities. Police reported that as of 15:00, anonymous messages warned about bomb threats in 400 buildings in 16 settlements across the DPR. More than 75,000 people were evacuated in the emergency. It is the third time this week the DPR received bomb threats calls or messages. Not all bomb scares were false: on February 1,  an explosive device was found in the building of Donetsk’s Kiev district administration. *jk