Donetsk, Jun 27 — DAN. Specialists from the Russian capital will help the Donetsk People’s Republic to prepare design specifications and cost estimates for the renovation of the Donbass Arena sport center, DPR Acting Sport and Tourism Minister Yury Martynov told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Donbass Arena is a universal cultural and business center of the region suitable for hosting sport, cultural and entertainment events, as well as corporate functions such as seminars, trainings, presentations, conferences, so a wealth of new projects will be implemented, ” Martynov said.

Their scope and format will be planned after complete restoration of Donbass Arena which sustained multiple damage as a result of hostilities, he said.

 In 2023, Moscow will prepare the design and cost estimates of the repairs, and make decisions on the sources of funding and deadline, the official said.

New sport grounds will be built in DPR towns and villages by 2025 with the assistance of Russian regions and the Agriculture Ministry. The Russian Sport Ministry will using federal budget money to rebuild 12 war-damaged sport facilities in the DPR and help create new sport and fitness centers. *jk