Donetsk, Jul 22 - DAN. A majority in the Ukrainian parliament which the pro-president party Servant of the People secured after the parliamentary election, will lose Vladimir Zelensky the opportunity to accuse lawmakers of derailing the Minsk Agreements, member of the Donetsk People’s Republic parliament committee on education, science and culture Miroslav Rudenko told the Donetsk News Agency.

On Sunday, Ukraine held an early parliamentary election. Turnout reached less than 50 percent, the lowest in the country’s history. The Central Election Commission had processed 62.48 percent of voting papers; it said the Savant of the People party had 42.57 percent of votes as of 15:00. Therefore, it is poised to win 249 seats in parliament which would give it a majority.

“Due to this result, Zelensky and his party have to assume much responsibility. From now on he will be unable to blame certain political forces for interfering with the adoption of the laws necessary for the fulfilment of the Minsk Agreement, which is stalling the process,” Rudenko said.

He explained the election result by low voter turnout as the Ukrainian population was tired of incompetent home and foreign policies of the Kiev government; also, part of those who did cast their ballots, pinned hopes on a new face in politics and his team.*jk*pp