Donetsk, Jun 28 - DAN. DPR Head Aleksander Zakharchenko acknowledged the essential success of the humanitarian program for the reunification of Donbass people.

"The results achieved by ordinary people, ministers, doctors, teachers are incredible. In such a short time we managed to take it to every person living in Kiev-controlled territory: we are eager to help. There are things still to be done, but in general the program has turned out to be a success," he said in his live talk.

He added that medical and educational aid will remain the top priorities of the program.

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads approved the humanitarian aid program aimed to assist people living in Kiev-controlled territories. The main objective is to provide financial aid and educational assistance to vulnerable social groups. On February 21 the program was officially presented to people, hotlines and websites associated with the program were launched.*ot