Donetsk, Apr 17 – DAN. The Separ restaurant in central Donetsk, where the late DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko was killed, will be dismantled to become the memorial site.

The DPR Head administration announced the decision on Wednesday saying that "The Memorial to the DPR first Head Alexander Zakharchenko will be erected on his death site, that's why the Separ restaurant will be dismantled."

Over 70 thousand residents of Donetsk have took part in an online voting to choose the design of the Memorial, launched four days ago.

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko won the DPR Head election on November 2, 2014. Major General, he was injured several times during the war, and was awarded the Golden Star of the Republic's Hero and other awards. Died in an explosion in central Donetsk on August 31,2018.*ot