Donetsk, Mar 20 – DAN. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko will have a live Q&A with the residents of Kiev-controlled territory, broadcasted by TV on March 22.

"On Wednesday, March 22, Republican TV will broadcast Zakharchenko's live Q&A with the residents of Kiev-controlled territory," DPR Head press service said.

The talk will mostly cover humanitarian program on reunification of Donbass people.

Questions may be sent to донбасс.рус website in video, audio and text messages.

"We know how hard your life is, we are one nation. The legal status of DPR was set by May 11, 2014 Referendum. Based on the outcome all Donbass region territory is DPR territory, and you are our fellow countrymen, our citizens," Zakharchenko said addressing people living in Kiev-controlled territory.

He emphasized that reunification of Donbass people is a strategic goal. *ot