Donetsk, Mar 6 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic head Alexander Zakharchenko attended on Tuesday an award-giving ceremony for female employees of DPR ministries and departments in the runup to the celebrations marking International Women’s Day. The function took place at the Donetsk State Music and Drama Theatre.

“You shoulder tremendous responsibility, you’re not just mothers, wives or grandmothers, you are ever heroic women, sitting in trenches together with us, passing rounds to us; some of you are fighting by our side,” Zakharchenko said. “You’re building the country. Thank you ever so much for your smiles and your beauty.”

Certificates of Commendation were awarded to 11 women for their top professionalism and contribution to the DPR establishment and development. The ceremony was followed by Russian Honoured Artist Igor Sarukhanov’s performance.*jk