Yelenovka, Aug 27 - DAN. The Yelenovka crossing point on the contact line between the Donetsk People’s Republic and Kiev-controlled areas began a trial run on Tuesday following extensive modernisation.

“Today, we see the launching of the Yelenovka crossing point in a test mode, not at full capacity so far,” said DPR Head Denis Pushilin assessing the renovation. “We’ll be able to see its full-fledged operation in the foreseeable future. Infrastructure changes are visible.”

Pushilin said that the authorities had taken into account the criticism and recommendations which local residents submitted to his administration. For example, the crossing point’s throughput capacity will increase considerably. It will operate at full load after complete staffing.

DPR launched sweeping modernisation of the Yelenovka crossing point in June.

The project aimed to increase the throughput capacity five-fold, for which a 10,000 square-metre area was allocated. The renovation envisioned the installation of lavatories, first aid station, administrative services centre and landscaping works. More than 50 million rubles were allocated for the project.

Currently, four crossing points operate on the contact line. Three of them are being modernised.*jk