Donetsk, Nov 23 — DAN. Repairs teams will use a redundant system to  restore, later in the day, electricity to Yasinovataya where power outages occurred on Tuesday due to Ukrainian gunmen’s artillery attacks, town mayor Dmitry Shevchenko told the Donetsk News Agency.

“We still lack electricity, ” Shevchenko said. “ Several large electric power generators feed some boiler houses; heat supply is available to some people and hospitals have lighting. We haven’t resolved the main problem yet; I believe everybody will have electricity towards evening.”

A large number of redundant power supply systems were designed for the town because of its proximity to the frontline. Some of them use the transmission lines which have not been used for a long time or since Ukraine’s rule, he added.

“Ukraine has been destroying these reserves (by artillery attacks — eds Donetsk News Agency) for the past few months. Our last one has been destroyed. Now we’re going to use the last backup option I’ve stored. They’ve smashed everything they could. We had so many reserves, no other town had that many; simply we were preparing for it, ” the mayor said.

Ukrainian artillery strikes de-energized the Verkhnekalmiusskaya Water Treatment Plant on Tuesday morning. The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes said that the shelling had set on fire a core 110 kW substation in the Energetik settlement.*jk