Donetsk, Nov 20 – DAN. A world-renowned innovative teacher, USSR People's Teacher Viktor Shatalov has passed away today at the age of 93, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin said.

"A teacher known all over the world, Viktor Fedorovich Shatalov, has died today aged 93. His unique method opened a new chapter in the history of the pedagogy, became a basis for collaborative activities of students and teachers," Pushilin wrote in his Telegram-channel.

The essence of Shatalov's method lies in the gradual management of the educational process. Viktor Fedorovich created a specific algorithm that can be successfully applied absolutely for any subject studied and does not depend on the age group and level of training of students.

Shatalov's method is based on the use of reference signals, development and active use of associative thinking and visual memory. To develop a group of signals, it is necessary to study the material being taught, highlight its key points and present it in the most understandable and unambiguous way.

Initially, the teacher expanded the topic. At the second stage, a visual summary of key information is presented to students. After that ,pupils study the topic individually and reproduce the reference guidelines and answers teacher's questions on the reference signals.

Shatalov was born in Donetsk in 1927 (then Stalino). By 2000, he opened a studio school in Moscow where his successors teach. His teaching methods are employed all over the globe.

After the war broke out, Shatalov remained in Donetsk and kept working. In 2016 he shared his views on teaching in the context of war in an interview with DAN.

He said in the interview, that a lot of high-rank officials offered him assistance in getting away from Donetsk, but he refused all of them worrying about his collection of books, which comprises tens of thousands of books.

He strongly opposed Ukrainian school reform. "Ukrainian is my second native language. But it is a violence to impose the language on Russian-speaking children. It is also wrong to distort history, portraying traitors and Nazi as heroes." *ot