Donetsk, Oct 18 – DAN. The DPR People's Council chairman Denis Pushilin has stepped down from his role as the head of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic (DR) movement, the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko announced.

"We appreciate Denis Vladimirovich's work at the Executive Committee, but currently he is occupied with a more important job in the People's Council and Minsk negotiations," he said.

Director General of the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theatre Natalia Volkova has been appointed the new head of the Central Executive Committee of the DR movement.

Zakharchenko added that Pushilin is also to manage the DPR integration with Russia.

"We need a breakthrough, this will be the main task for Denis Vladimirovich," the DPR leader said.

The Donetsk Republic (DR) movement was established on 3 October 2014; as of the beginning of 2017 it comprises 35 local regional offices and 180,000 members, some of them living in the Kiev-controlled territory. Its participants form the major parliamentary group - 64 of 100 deputies. *ot