Donetsk, Jul 25 – DAN. The two Gorlovka teenagers have been killed today in a mine blast after one of them entered area marked off with danger mines sign and began jumping there, said the local administration head Ivan Prikhodko.

Earlier report said two children died in a landmine accident in Gorlovka, the Michurina village, near the cemetery behind the Izotova mine.

"Three teenagers, two boys and a girl went to a Gorlovka cemetery to remember their late friend. After that they came up to a filed marked off with a mine danger sign. One of the teenagers decided to take chances and began jumping across the field. The girl tried to stop him. As a result both were killed instantly after triggering a landmine."

The girl, born in 2000, is a resident of Ukraine who came to Gorlovka to visit her dad. The boy, born in 2001, is a student of Gorlovka vocational college No. 8. The third teenager was not hurt in the incident. *ot