A humanitarian cargo of 97 tons total weight, including immunobiological and medical items, has arrived in the DPR from Russia, the DPR Ministry of Health said.

“More than 97 tons of humanitarian cargo has been received, which includes medical immunobiological products (for the prevention of poliomyelitis, measles and COVID-19), ” the statement said.

The Ministry of Health added that the Russian Federation also delivered medicines for oncological and haematological diseases, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes, and diabetes insipidus, including insulin preparations, antibacterial, antimicrobial and other medicines.

In addition, Republican medical institutions will receive medical items for hemodialysis, laboratory tests and high-tech surgical interventions in the field of cardiac surgery. The cargo also included baby formula.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry had delivered almost 60,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Republic of Donbass since the beginning of the special operation. *ot