Donetsk, Dec 27 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has welcomed the initiative of the Donetsk Republic social movement to announce 2019 the Year of the Russian language in the DPR.

Pushilin made his live TV appearance on Thursday saying that "the initiative is right, no one can object".

"If you come up with the idea to announce the Year of the Russian language, please, develop projects related to the Russian language. It comes aptly as in 2019 we celebrate Alexander Pushkin's anniversary."

The initiative comes from the head of the Donetsk Republic social movement’s Central Executive Committee Alexey Muratov who pointed out a great role Russian had played in Donbass history and is playing in Donbass-Russia integration.

Pushilin's Q&A session is broadcasted by all Republican TV channels and radio stations. Some questions will be asked live from Donetsk central square and major DPR cities. *ot