Donetsk, Mar 18 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has reassured the public that the coronavirus situation is under continuous control of the authorities.

"The public rush is high, though there are no cases of the COVID-19 in the Republic. The situation Is under constant control. We have approved a number of measures to prevent the importation and spread of the coronavirus infection in the DPR," he said at the meeting with ministers and representatives of authorities.

Travelers returning from most affected countries (Ukraine, China, Spain, Italy, Iran, Korea, France and Germany) are required to self-isolate at their homes for 14 days.

No cases of coronavirus have been registered in the DPR.

Latest updates show that more than 190,000 people are infected across the globe; the majority of cases are registered in China, Italy, South Korea, Iran. Nearly 8,000 people have died. *ot