Donetsk, Nov 2 – DAN. DPR Interim Head Denis Pushilin has said that the Power of Donbass development program is key to further decision making.

"I reinstate that we continue the course of Alexander Zakharchenko, improving the DPR has not ceased for a day after his murder. The Power of Donbass strategy is the key for our further decision making."

Pushilin said that the program is already being implemented as certain steps are taken. He cited opening an international bank branch in the DPR, reducing fuel prices, rising salaries as examples of action taken to improve the situation.

"All these developments have become possible thanks to DPR residents who have created the development strategy bit by bit, integrating reforms into it. The upcoming elections and campaigning is a powerful source for opinion and experience exchange, and meaningful dialog. We use it by building horizontal and vertical communication.

"All participants of the election process can synchronize their watches, draw joint plans aimed at further amelioration and progress."

The Power of Donbass strategy was endorsed by the Donetsk Republic social movement on May 7, 2018 after large scale public debates. *ot