Donetsk, Nov 8 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has called an emergency meeting following earth tremors in the township of Obyedinennyi the Makeyevka, Sovetskiy district.

"We have been alarmed by earth tremors of unknown origin felt recently more often by the residents of the township of Obyedinennyi. We cannot risk lives and health of the residents and let the process out of control," he said.

Unprecedented measures have been taken as experts strive to determine the nature of the tremors.

"I have issued instructions to halt the Kalinovskaya-Vostochnaya mine located in the area of tremors," Pushilin announced.

The Head of the emergency service Alexey Kostrubitskiy was ordered to carry out a seismological research to determine the epicenter of the shocks.

Local residents have been suffering earth tremors for a couple of months. The seismological activity has already caused cracks in the walls and collapsed some constructions.*ot