Donetsk, Jul 15 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has signed a decree on the interim procedure for the general population census.

The decree No. 221 has been published at the DPR Head website. The document provides for a census “to form an official statistics on population figures, structure and distribution across the DPR taking into account the socio-economic indicators, ethnic and linguistic make-up, and education level.”

The information is to be gathered through interviews and filling out surveys at places of residence, or designated offices provided by municipal authorities. Local executive authorities and administrations are to be monitored by a governmental commission established for that purpose.

The time and date of the census is to be determined by the DPR government.

The census includes the following data: gender, age, citizenship, ethnicity, knowledge of languages, education, condition of being married, children, relations between household members, place of birth, place of residence/stay, housing conditions, livelihood, employment, migration.

The census will be made available to public. According to the interim procedure, general population census is to be conducted at least once in ten years. *ot