Donetsk, Dec 20 - DAN. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his political team have not delivered on their Donbass promises, Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin said in an address to DPR parliamentarians on Friday.

“There’s no point for us to entertain the illusions that the Kiev authorities might have some good intentions,” Pushilin said. “President Zelensky has repeatedly shown that his words cannot be trusted.”

“It was under Zelensky that we suffered civilian and military casualties and damage. his hands are stained with blood; we have to take it into account,” he said.

Ukraine regularly shows its unwillingness to fulfil peace accords, such as the payment of pensions to Donbass residents. “We’ve long decided on our development vector which was launched back in 2014, i.e. integration with the Russian Federation. Donbass has experienced many trials for the sake of the opportunity to live freely an develop together with its ancestral motherland Russia,” the DPR leader said.

Earlier this year, the DPR approved the concept of its foreign policy. The document sets the priorities, objectives and methods for pursuing the Republic’s foreign policy course.*jk