Donetsk, Mar 15 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Interior Ministry officers have launched efforts to ensure law and order in Volnovakha which was liberated from Ukrainian invaders, the DPR Interior Ministry press service reported on Tuesday.

“DPR police are taking action to keep public order and ensure the safety of citizens,” the Interior Ministry said. “In the war-ravaged Volnovakha, police identify participants in Ukrainian armed formations, keep law and order, prevent looting and help the population.”

Police also maintain order at the humanitarian aid distribution centers and assist in the evacuation of people.

The DPR Interior Ministry said that personnel of the former Ukrainian police department in Volnovakha asked to let them continue to perform their duties in ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. They will henceforth serve under the jurisdiction of the DPR Interior Ministry.

Volnovakha is located some 35 kilometres southwest of Donetsk. It is a railway and motor transport hub on the way to Mariupol. The town is the administrative center of the Volnovakha district. As of early 2021, it had a population of about 21,500. Volnovakha had food and construction companies as well as agribusinesses. Russian coalition forces liberated the town on March 11. *jk