Donetsk, Dec 5 – DAN. DPR state mobile carrier Phoenix subscribers are able to make calls to 50 countries around the world as of today, the minister of communications Viktor Yatsenko told DAN.

"Phoenix customers are now given the option of calling to the phone numbers of over 50 countries. At the moment only outcoming calls are available."

The charge depends on the country and operator. For example, 30 RUR ($ 47 cents) per minute charge is applied to the calls to Cayman Islands telecom networks, calls to Bulgaria or Belgium are charged 20 RUR per minute ($ 31 cents), Canada and US calls are 5 RUR ($ 8 cents).

Sending text messages is currently unavailable.

The full list of countries and rates will soon be published on the carrier's website.

The personal account option has also become available, so that customers can manage their subscription: turn options on and off, receive invoice details, choose call plan, etc.

In October 2015 outcoming calls to Russian mobile networks became available and in January 2016 Phoenix subscribers started getting incoming calls. The charge is 5 RUR.

Phoenix mobile carrier subscribers can also use their phone numbers to set up an Apple ID account.

Earlier Phoenix reported that its subscribers can use their phone numbers to sign up for WebMoney, Telegram, Odnoklassniki (Classmates, Russian social network), ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent, Vkontakte (the largest European online social networking service available in more than 80 languages, based in Russia). Phoenix users can also launch Viber and WhatsApp on their smartphones. *ot