Donetsk, Nov 24 — DAN. Russia’s People’s Front has collected ten billion rubles worth of aid for special military operation participants, the press service of the movement said on Friday.

“Russians transferred ten billion rubles to the People’s Front fund, ” the press service said. “The money was used to purchase and deliver to the frontline more than 2,270 quadcopters, 9,000 radio sets, 6,500 sighting devices, 1,960 power generators, 1,280 anti-drone guns, 741 cars, 176 quad bikes, 20,800 body armor sets and other important supplies.”

Some people make donations every month; overall, more than three million money transfers had been made, it said.

The All-Russia People’s Front is a social movement established at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2011. In June 2022, it launched the project “Everything for the Victory!” to support special military operation participants and civilians in the territories where fighting is ongoing.*jk