Donetsk, Nov 3 – DAN. Over 130 residents of Kiev-controlled territory have received payments on the occasion of the Miner's Day and the Victory Day, said the DPR ministry of labor and social policy.

"Since the launch of humanitarian aid program, 133 one-time payments have been made: 101 on the occasion of the Victory Day, 32 on the occasion of the Miner's Day." Five payments were made within the last six days, from October 28 to November 3.

DPR launched financial aid program for residents of Kiev-controlled territory on March 15, 2017. Allocations on the VictoryDay range from 6 to 10 thousand rubles depending on the recipient category, and can be made in hryvnia upon request. The Miner's day payments range from 3 to 8 thousand rubles. Payments are made till December 20. *ot