Donetsk, May 19 - DAN. Ukrainian armed formations fired more than 230 rounds of ammunition at the Donetsk People’s Republic settlements on Thursday causing civilian casualties and damaging residential buildings and infrastructure.

Military situation

The enemy opened fire at DPR areas at 6:50 targeting Yasinovataya first for several days in a row. Kiev forces expended 35 “Grad” multiple rocket launcher rounds as they fired at the town and its suburbs. Strikes were also delivered at Donetsk’s Petrovsky, Kirovsky, Kievsky and Kuibyshevsky districts (Yasinovataya later came under fire again), the neighboring Mineralnoye settlement and the Vasilyevka village as well as at Shakhta Lenina, Shakhta Gagarina, Ozeryanovka, Panteleimonovka, Zhelenaya Balka and Mikhailovka in Gorlovka and its suburbs.

The enemy used heavy weapons, multiple rocket launchers, heavy artillery, mortars, grenade launchers and small arms. A civilian was killed and another three were wounded in Donetsk’s Kuibyshevsky district; one civilian was wounded in Gorlovka and one in Mineralnoye. Some 20 houses, an arts school, a paramedical and midwifery station, a gas pipe and a house of culture were damaged. In the Spartak village, the local administration building came under fire.

Success on the front

Russian coalition forces have established full control over the Novogrigorovka village in the Volnovakha district. Taking into account the latest data, as many as 186 settlements in the Republic have been liberated from Ukrainian invaders.

DPR militia showed a video of strikes delivered at the enemy from defiladed positions in the condition of poor visibility due to bad weather.

In Mariupol, Ukrainian armed formations gunmen blocked at the “Azovstal” industrial zone continue to surrender. As of now, some 1,727 gunmen have laid down their arms.

Humanitarian situation

Civilians continue to leave Mariupol although the fighting in the city stopped. One hundred and fifty refugees including 30 children arrived in Bezymennoye within a day.

Strikes at Mineralnoye damaged two electrical substations leaving 167 customers without electricity.  The ongoing fighting hampers repairs.

DPR schools will transfer to new federal education standards. Teachers are already being trained under a Russian Education Ministry program.

The DPR marked the 100th anniversary of the Pioneer Movement with augmented reality products putting in circulation a stamp and an envelope with Soviet symbols.


The report is based on data supplied by the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination, the Territorial Defense Headquarters, DPR agencies and authorities as well as on Donetsk News Agency original stories.*jk