Donetsk, Nov 17 – DAN. Differences in prices of medicines in the Donetsk People’s Republic and Ukraine reach 75 percent in DPR favour, the Republic’s Health Ministry said on Thursday citing price monitoring results.

“The DPR Health Ministry has prepared a comparative analysis of prices for medicines in DPR and Ukraine; in DPR, medicines are 30 to 75 percent cheaper than in Ukraine,” the Ministry’s press service said.

Price monitoring results are available in the table published on the Ministry’s website. Medicines are grouped into 13 main categories: anti-inflammatory, sedative, antifever, etc. The average price of valerian extract in DPR is 15 roubles versus 13 Ukrainian hryvnias which are equivalent to 31.85 roubles according to Central Bank exchange rate. Price dynamics are similar for other medication.

The Ministry’s data shows that 80 percent of DPR medicines are up to 74 percent cheaper than in Ukraine.

This summer, the DPR Economic Development Ministry told DAN than the medicine market stabilized with some 600 pharmacies operating across the Republic. Russia has dramatically increased exports of medicines to DPR since Ukraine blocked medical supplies to the Republic in June 2015.