Donetsk, Jul 30 – DAN. The humanitarian convoy of Russian EMERCOM has delivered to the DPR 230 ampoules of a costly CUROSURF medication for underweight babies, the DPR Ministry of Emergencies said.

"The humanitarian convoy delivered 230 ampoules of CUROSURF 80 mg/ml 1.5ml No.1. Taking into account the specific purpose of the medication it shall be distributed in accordance with the project developed by a by a non-staff neonatology expert of a high-technology hospital treating premature babies."

The medication is to be used within half a year.

CUROSURF® (poractant alfa) is indicated for the rescue treatment of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in premature infants. CUROSURF reduces mortality and pneumothoraces associated with RDS. A perinatal center regularly requires 10 ampoules in stock. The medicine is not an over-the-counter drug in the DPR. The CUROSURF prices in Ukraine reach 16,000 hryvnia (38,400 Rubles; 615 USD), in Russia it costs 23,000 Rubles (368 USD).

The shipping of the vital medication for underweight children and other essential drugs from Ukraine has been banned by Kiev's decision in 2015. *ot