Donetsk, Apr 24 — DAN. Mariupol Zoo will soon have new dwellers, Zoo director Savely Vashura told the Dontetsk News Agency.

“We plan to increase number of animal species in our Zoo. We’re going to bring llamas, alpacas, ponies, ostriches, mouflons and yaks in the near future, ” Vashura said.

Earlier, the Zoo welcomed two pedigree camels from Kalmykia.

Mariupol Zoo is a private organization. It was established in Sartana in 2009 and initially featured a collection of birds.  In 2016, it was moved to Mariupol. The Zoo sprawls on an area of 3.5 hectares. It had leopards, lions, tigers, bears, wolves, dogs, foxes, silver foxes, donkeys, camels, deer and does, peacocks, cranes, storks, ostriches, quails, pelicans, squirrels and river rats. Animal enclosures were damaged in the spring of 2022. A number of animals were killed: one cheetah, five camels, three llamas, five ostriches and as many monkeys.*jk