Donetsk, Jul 25 — DAN. The DPR plans to reconstruct the airport of Mariupol within three years, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR Government Evgeny Solntsev said.
“We will reconstruct the airport of Mariupol within the next three years,” TAss news agency cited him as saying.
According to Solntsev, the airport will be of a joint civilian-military use type.

Mariupol is the largest city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, one of the key centres of metallurgy in Donbass and a major seaport. The battle for the city began on February 25, and ended with the Coalition’s victory on April 21.

The airport of Mariupol was put into operation in 1931. At its top capacity, it handled up to 120,000 passengers yearly. It was designated as an international airport in 2004.
In the years of the Ukrainian occupation, it housed a notorious Ukrainian secret services jail codenamed “the Library”, where illegally arrested opponents of the Ukrainian regime were held and tortured.

The airport premises were liberated on March 18. *ot