Donetsk, Sep 29 - DAN. The primaries Interim Vote Commission (IVC) started distribution of ballots among local vote commissions (LVC). First hundred thousand ballots were handed today to Voroshilovskiy local commission.

The process was observed by the IVC chair Andrey Korzhevskiy, IVC press officer Oleg Balykin and Voroshilovskiy LVC chair Viktor Litvinenko.

"Today the IVC starts handing ballots to all LVCs as scheduled. The first hundred thousand go to Voroshilovskiy LVC," Balykin said.

Litvinenko added that the other 17 LVCs are to receive primaries ballots today.

"We have three types of ballots, voters can choose candidates for the Donetsk administration head, members of Voroshilovskiy district council and Donetsk city council," he explained.

The LVCs are to pass ballots to polling stations vote commissions on October, 1.

The first round of the primaries-2016 is scheduled to take place in Donetsk on October, 2th.

The primaries, that are preliminary in nature, are aimed just at exploring public opinion and held before anticipated local elections in Donbass, are in compliance with Minsk Agreements. The vote is being organized in line with OSCE standards. Official representatives of the candidates alongside international observers from OSCE/ODIHR and other foreign and international organizations are free to monitor the DPR primaries. The Interim Vote Commission is also authorized to invite representatives of Ukrainian, Russian and EU political parties.