Grabovo (Shakhtersk district), Jul 17 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin said that Ukraine’s allegations that DPR is complicit in MH17 crash are groundless.

“Five years have passed since the horrible tragedy. Unfortunately that was not an accident. It is a provocation of Ukrainian regime, that on that unfortunate day did not reckon with random people who had nothing to do with our conflict. All these years Ukraine tries to blame the people’s militia and Russia. These are lies. No proof has been presented and cannot be presented that we are complicit in it,” he said at a rally to commemorate the crash victims.

Pushilin said that the Republic is grieving for the victims of the catastrophe and all the victims of Kiev’s aggression.
DPR residents have commemorated the memory of MH17 catastrophe victims at a rally in Grabovo outside Torez where the plane crashed.

Five years ago 298 people died when a surface-to-air missile hit a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 at cruising altitude. Russia was immediately blamed for the catastrophe even before first investigators reached the scene. Moscow has been denying charges as subsequent investigation revealed that the missile had been launched from the Kiev-controlled territory. This year Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad expressed his doubt over accusations of Russia as “there was not enough evidence to pin the tragedy on Moscow”.*ot