Donetsk, Jan 25 — DAN. The “United Russia” political party’s Young Guard and the Volunteer Company have launched an aid center in Khartsyzsk for evacuated Soledar residents, the press service of the all-Russia party reported on Wednesday.  

“We’ll give humanitarian aid and medications to people in the first place, ” the press service said citing “United Russia” Young Guard chairman Anton Demidov. “Some people cannot get in touch with their relatives, some have lost their ID papers and some have left their things in Soledar. We’re gathering information on these cases.”

Aid Center activists will provide comprehensive assistance to the Soledar residents who have been evacuated to Khartsyzsk and Shakhtyorsk. Efforts are underway to prepare rooms and bedding and sort out the clothes donated by caring DPR residents.

Earlier reports said that about 500 civilians had been evacuated from Soledar. Some of the evacuees are staying at DPR temporary accommodation centers and some have been taken to other Russian regions.*jk