Donetsk, Sep 29 – DAN. Key DPR primaries candidates to the post of Donetsk administration head held their first joint news conference in DAN news agency.

"We have not had joint press conferences yet," said one of the participants, director general of Donbass Post Artem Serdyukov.

He is sure that Donetsk needs dramatic reforms.

His opponent, Donetsk mayor Igor Martynov, argued that the city reconstruction is a top priority.

"I believe that the housing stock heavily damaged during the war must be reconstructed. We can address other issues after the war ends," he said.

The candidates shared views on housing and communal services, health care development, education, transport and pension reform.

"We don't have much of a disagreement," Serdyukov said, while Martynov emphasized they both work for the benefit of the city and deal with similar tasks in close contact.

The first round of the primaries is to be held in Donetsk on October 2.

The primaries, that are preliminary in nature, are aimed just at exploring public opinion and held before anticipated local elections in Donbass, are in compliance with Minsk Agreements. The vote is being organized in line with OSCE standards. Official representatives of the candidates alongside international observers from OSCE/ODIHR and other foreign and international organizations are free to monitor the DPR primaries.

The Interim Voting Commission is also authorized to invite representatives of Ukrainian, Russian and EU political parties.