Donetsk, Oct 3 - DAN. The general opinion among the international observers in the DPR primaries-2016 is that the voting and preceding campaigning were transparent and properly held.

"We saw no violations of international requirements. Judging by my own experience I would say this is a rare example of transparent and professionally organized voting," stated one of the observers, South Ossetia parliament chair Anatoliy Bibilov.

Finnish observer Johan Backman agreed with his colleague.

"Organizers were serious about their duties, their work was responsible and accurate, thanks to their high standards there were no violations," he said.

"We did not see any enforcement or pressure on voters," added Italian observer Mauricio Marrone.

The first round of the DPR primaries took place in Donetsk and its suburbs on October, 2. The primaries, that are preliminary in nature, were aimed solely at exploring public opinion before anticipated local elections in Donbass and were in compliance with the Minsk Agreements. The vote was organized in line with OSCE standards. Official representatives of the candidates alongside international observers were free to monitor the primaries.