Donetsk, Sep 29 – DAN. Donetsk is preparing for Primaries-2016. With the upcoming vote in DPR capital and its suburbs, candidates’ campaigns overseen by Interim Vote Commission (IVC) and international observers are in the thick.

DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko announced the primaries on July, 4th. He pointed out Ukraine authorities’ unwillingness to follow the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements when it comes to elections in Donbass region for fictitious reasons. Zakharchenko said that the Republic has decided to hold the primaries to reach its own “goal of establishing a state system, on the one hand, and to show, on the other hand, that Ukraine’s complaints are insignificant by nature.”

The primaries, that are preliminary in nature, are aimed just at exploring public opinion and held before anticipated local elections in Donbass, are in compliance with Minsk Agreements. The vote is being organized in line with OSCE standards. Official representatives of the candidates alongside international observers from OSCE/ODIHR and other foreign and international organizations are free to monitor the DPR primaries. The Interim Vote Commission is also authorized to invite representatives of Ukrainian, Russian and EU political parties. The first round of the primaries is scheduled to take place in Donetsk on October, 2th.