Donetsk, May 26 – DAN. A full-scale combat started in Donetsk on May 26, 2014 as Kiev deployed helicopters and fighter jets to launch airstrikes on the city and its airport; Donetsk residents will never forget those days, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

"May 26, 2014 is the day emblazoned on the memory of every Donetsk resident. First airstrikes. Northwestern city engulfed in flames and smoke. Killed and wounded, civilians and militia. War has become a terrifying reality. Seven years ago, we survived despite the circumstances. Today we continue living. No one defeat or break us," he said.

Ukrainian forces first carried out strikes on the Donetsk airport on May 26, 2014. Dozens of people were killed, among them the airport staff, defenders of the Republic and civilians. On May 25, Ukrainian National Guard took the airport under control. It was regained by the DPR in January 2015.*ot