Donetsk, Jul 12 — Jurisprudence, economics, journalism, philology, medicine and information technology are the most wanted fields of study with prospective students in the Donetsk People’s Republic this year,  the press service of the Education and Science Ministry said on Wednesday.

“Legal and economic professions, journalism, Romano-Germanic philology, IT and medicine have been steadily popular with youths, ” the press service told the Donetsk News Agency. “However, their choice does not always reflect the needs of the Republic: despite poor employability, international relations, customs affairs, logistics etc. are still in high demand.”

The number of state-funded places at universities is regulated by the region’s current needs for specialists. Priority is given to engineering and technology, medicine, education, agriculture and IT, the Ministry said recommending prospective students who seek free education to consider these fields of study.

DPR universities opened for 2023 applications on June 20. Documents can be submitted online or onsite.  Unlike in previous years, prospective students who have not taken the Unified State Exam must pass tests to enroll at a university.*jk