Donetsk, Oct 16 - DAN. Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin said that wages in the DPR public sector would increase by 10 percent starting November 1.

“It is realistic to raise public sector workers’ wages by 10 percent as early as  November 1. The decision has already been made,” Pushilin said.

The payrise became possible due to a number of factors, such as reconfiguring of the fiscal system, increase in production, new destinations for DPR products, expansion of the manufacturing sector and larger budget revenues as a result, he said. “The work to raise our residents’ standard of living is ongoing; the DPR authorities have been actively cooperation with the LPR leadership in these issues,” he said.

“The steady and systemic increase in the state’s social obligations to our citizens in the cornerstone of the DPR home policy. Alone in 2018, pensions increased twice,”  Pushilin said. The government increased wages and social benefits last year, and plans to do so in the future. “Today, it is crucial to strengthen social guarantees investing in people. This work is underway.”

On October 3, Pushilin, at a meeting with his LPR counterpart Leonid Pasechnik, called for joint efforts in the Donbass Republics’ economic development issues.*jk