Donetsk, Sep 11 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic elections were peaceful and conformed to law, said chairman of the public organization Institute for Progress Through Law Kline Preston IV who visited polling stations in Mariupol, Mangush and Torez.

It is interesting to note that observers didn’t see a single protest; there was not anybody who’d say that they supported Ukraine and wished to belong to Ukraine. Nobody said so, Preston said at a press conference at the TASS news agency.

The atmosphere at polling stations was festive and people were full of hopes for a better future, he said.

People see changes for the better with the advent of Russia and make their choice in favor of democracy. “We saw the same thing everywhere: the elections were problem-free everywhere, at each polling station. We asked about whether local laws or election procedure had been violated. We didn’t observe any violations: we saw people coming for a peaceful vote; they were happy, ” the expert said.

On September 8 — 10, the new regions held legislative and municipal elections for the first time after their accession to Russia.  Early voting was arranged for citizens living in remote areas or settlements in immediate proximity to the frontline. Residents could also vote at exterritorial polling stations set up in other Russian regions.*jk