Donetsk, Dec 25 – DAN. DPR is to raise social welfare payments, according to a decree signed by the DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

The payments will be raised in two steps – on January 1 and July 1.

Maternity benefits will go up to 5,400 rubles first, then to 5,940 rubles. Birth lump sum will grow to 22,000 rubles. Child care benefit is to reach 4,000 and 5,400 rubles. Loss of a breadwinner will be compensated by 5,700 and later 6,912 rubles monthly.

Pensions in the DPR were raised on January 1, 2020 to make the minimal payments higher than in Ukraine; currently the minimal pension in the DPR is 4,800 rubles (64 USD).

Earlier Pushilin said that by 2022 DPR pensions must reach the level of the Rostov Region in Russia. *ot