Donetsk, Nov 10 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic has launched preparations for implementing the federal project “Professionalitet” which envisions joint personnel training by education institutions and enterprises, DPR Education and Science Minister Olga Koludarova said on Thursday.

“I had a conference with the Board of Directors of vocational training colleges over the participation in ‘Professionalitet, ’ Koludarova wrote on Telegram. ‘I tasked them with drawing a roadmap for implementing the project in 2023-2027 and a schedule to create education and production clusters.’

She noted the importance of the training of specialists needed by the manufacturing sector. The priority areas are construction, engineering, IT-technology, machine-building and agriculture. “Vocational training institutions have to heed the demands of their industrial partners and closely cooperate with them, ” the minister said.

Project “Professionalitet” envisions the establishment of education and production centers (clusters). Each cluster will select a college for turnkey modernization. The basic employer directly participates in forming the cluster structure, staff and education programs. A cluster can bring together colleges with workshops and several employers.*jk