Donetsk, Oct 13 – DAN. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Donetsk People’s Republic will create a database of displaced persons in order to grant them allowances and compensations. These plans were brought forward by Labor and Social Policy Minister Larisa Tolstykina during a meeting of senior officials on Thursday chaired by DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

“DPR has no special agency to register displaced persons and for that reason they are unable to receive social benefits. We suggest that the local Labor and Social Welfare Departments begin registration of displaced persons,” Tolstykina said.

After completing the registration procedure, the displaced persons will be given a certificate enabling them to collect the social payment. In implementing its plans, the Ministry intends to cooperate with the Interior Ministry, the State Security Ministry and the republic’s Migration Service.

The meeting then proceeded behind closed doors. Taking part in the discussion about displaced persons’ welfare were DPR Finance Minister Yekaterina Matyushchenko, DPR Central Bank governor Irina Nikitina, Tax and Revenue Minister Alexander Timofeyev, Migration Service chief Vladimir Krasnoshchyoka, ombudswoman Darya Morozova and Pension Fund Director Galina Sagaidakova.

According to the DPR ombudswoman’s latest report, the republic currently has 8,296 displaced persons who fled their homes because of the conflict in Donbass. Of those, 1,480 live at temporary accommodation centers in DPR towns. Local authorities have provided temporary housing for the rest.