Donetsk, Aug 8 — DAN.The DPR Supreme Court is to announce the verdict in the Medvedi SS sabotage squad trial on August 10, a source told DAN.

“Today, the hearing of arguments in the Medvedi SS trial has concluded, the prosecutor asked for capital punishment, execution by firing squad, ” the source said.

The case is heard in closed court. 

“Chances are that the court will agree with the prosecution, considering what they did. Some of the witnesses are people who were tortured by the militants, there are videos of Medvedi shooting on Donetsk. Most of the defendants waved the  right of the last word, they testified during the hearings. Only one of them presented his last word.”

The trial that began on August 1 hears the joint case of the Medvedi SS squad and their commander, Alexander Kravtsov.

Members of the Medvedi SS  extremist group were detained in May when leaving the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, where Azov militants were blocked (the organization is banned in the DPR). 

The preliminary investigation established that in the period from autumn 2017 to May 20, 2022, members of this formation took part in the armed conflict and military operations against the DPR, while adhering to the ideology of Nazism and other misanthropic ideas. The case of the militants was transferred to the DPR Supreme Court in early July.

The commander of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group Alexander Kravtsov was charged under three articles of the criminal code of the DPR. He is charged with participation in an illegal armed formation and actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order of the Republic. The militant has pleaded guilty. *ot