Donetsk, Sep 7 — DAN. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Donetsk People’s Republic has completed investigation into the criminal case against 24 members of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization “Azov” (banned in the Republic), the PGO press service said on Wednesday.

“Investigators have ascertained the guilt of seven persons in organizing the activity of ‘Azov’ which is recognized as a terrorist organization under the DPR law (DPR Criminal Code Article 234, Part 1), while 17 persons have been charged with participation in the activity of the organization (Article 234, Part 2), ” the PGO said.

Each suspect, as a member of the criminal organization, is accused of actions aimed at violent coup and change of the constitutional order of the Donetsk People’s Republic (Article 34, Part 4; Article 232).

Custody has been selected as pre-trial restriction for the “Azov” gunmen. “The criminal case has been referred to court for hearing on the merits, ” prosecutors said.

The DPR Supreme Court listed “Azov” as a terrorist organization and banned its activity in the Republic’s territory. The group is complicit in numerous strikes at and terrorist attacks against Donbass population, lootings and other war crimes in the region.*jk