Donetsk, Apr 16 – DAN. The DPR has allocated almost 1.3 million rubles to large families and veterans living in the Kiev-controlled territory since February this year, the Ministry of Labor and Social policy said.

"Almost 1.3 million rubles were paid to to large families and veterans under the humanitarian program for the Donbass people reunification."

The Ministry has been allocating financial aid since February. Families with several children, participants of military actions, people with disabilities incurred during the WWII, living in kiev-controlled territory, are eligible.

"Overall, 179 residents of the Donetsk region requested assistance. Of those, 146 are parents of large families, 33 are the WWII veterans."

To receive allocations, those eligible should address social assistance offices located at Elenovka, Aleksandrovka and Mayorsk checkpoints. *ot