Donetsk, Sep 8 – DAN. The number of detainees Kiev proposed to exchange with the DPR does not correspond to the figures agreed to under the Minsk Agreements, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"For over eight months of negotiations, after Kiev decided to divide the detainees into groups, I begin the Minsk negotiations with one and the same phrase: 'If you don't stop diving people into categories and don't include all verified people into exchange lists, the swap won't happen'. As of today, Kiev suggests to return 199 of 267 verified persons and to take back 70 persons, while only 58 have been confirmed. We don't agree, this is not a constructive attitude."

Morozova said such position is just another means of protracting the process as Kiev knows in advance the Donbass republics will not accept such conditions.

"The Minsk Agrremets clearly state that the exchange should be based on an 'all for all' basis, no categories are not provided for."

She added that Kiev alsomodifies charges against detainees, making it impossible to include some people in the lists.

"They lift charges in connection with Donbass conflict and transfer those detainees into the category not eligible for the exchange. Over the last year, 62 people from the general exchange list were charged with felonies, now there are only 11 persons charged with felonies, other cases were reviewedand qualified as 'non-ATO'."

DPR does not manipulate the lists, Morozova emphasized.

According to latest statistics, Kiev keeps 496 participants of the conflict imprisoned. *ot