Donetsk, Jun 19 - DAN. Phoenix, the Donetsk People’s Republic mobile operator has passed free basic cell phone plans to 1,845 needy residents since it began operation in June 2015, the company’s press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“From 2015 onwards, Phoenix has donated 1,845 basic phone plans as part of a charity action,” the press service said.

According to the mobile operator, war veterans from across the republic received 1,267 SIM cards with a special phone plans, residents of frontline areas received 278 phone plans and the remaining phone plans were given to participants in social projects, medics, students, social workers and competition winners.

Phoenix is the first DPR mobile operator covering the whole territory of the republic. It was test-launched in June 2015. The number of its customers had exceeded 1.3 million as of late May 2018.*jk