Donetsk, June 26 – DAN. DPR is to open its fifth Representative's Office in the EU, this time in Marseille, France, said DPR acting foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"You are already aware of our offices of DPR representatives in Europe, the most efficient are in Italy and Greece. Today we launch an office in France. We open representative's office in one of the countries guaranteeing the implementation of the Minsk Agreements."

She said the new office in Marseille shall promote information sharing, trade and cultural exchange between the republics. Marseille mayor’s office associate, president of the national council of entrepreneurs of Bouches-du-Rhône, former regional counsellor of Provence Gérald-Hubert Fayard was appointed the head of the office.

"The first step was made when we registered the office on June 18, and the statement thereof was published in Journal Officiel, the second step is to arrive here. Third step will be made in France, we want DPR to be heard in France," said Fayard.

Nikonorova said earlier that DPR representative offices were to be launched in several EU countries in 2017. Earlier the fourth DPR representative office was launched in Athens, offices also operate in the Czech Republic, Italy and Finland. *ot