Donetsk, Jan 2 — DAN. Five newspapers and one radio and one television channel have been launched in liberated areas of the Donetsk People’s Republic since March 2022, the press service of the DPR Information Ministry told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

“In 2022, the DPR Information Ministry carried out extensive work to launch the system of disseminating information to the population, ” it said.” In Mariupol, the popular “Priazovye Worker” newspaper was relaunched and “Radio Breeze” began to broadcast from Novoazovsk at a frequency of 103.4 FM on May 9.”

On November 9, Mariupol 24 channel was launched in Mariupol, the press service said.

Mass media  outlets were launched in other towns. For example, the “Zarya Priazovya” newspaper was founded in Volodarskoye, the newspaper “Our Word” in Volnovakha and the newspaper“Selskaya Nov” in Mangush.  The newspaper “Zarya” that was launched in Krasny Liman is currently not issued due to the military and political situation.*jk