Donetsk, May 10 – DAN. At the next meeting in Minsk on May 15, DPR representatives will insist on continuing the POWs verification process, disrupted by Ukraine, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

"I have already forwarded a letter to Mr. coordinator Toni Frisch, informing him that Ukraine did not respect its obligations in full. But we will find a solution for our guys. I am sure that we will find it on May 15, as we shall insist that the verification should be fully completed."

Morozova reminded that the verification agreements cover those locked inside Kiev's penitentiaries and those still free but unable to reach DPR-controlled territories. Ukrainian side informed DPR of the impossibility to get in contact with the latter.

"They said that it is impossible to bring together all those who are free against their will. I don't understand how it was possible three months ago, when those people signed papers refusing to cross the contact line, and it was not considered a violation of human rights, and now it is considered as such."

She said DPR will continue looking for options.

On April 28, a group of four relatives of DPR captives (held in Ukraine) came to Ukraine through Maryinka check point to verify the identities of the POWs. That same day they went to Mariupol. They were expected to visit seven prisons.

The visit was expected to last from 11 to 15 days. Instead, they had to go back on May 7 as Ukraine unilaterally aborted the verification procedure.

The verification is aimed to determine where captives wish to stay after they are set free: in Ukraine or in Donbass Republics. The procedure has long been discussed in Minsk as a part of Minsk-2 and prisoners liberation. *ot