Donetsk, Dec 3 – DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has nominated all the ministers of the DPR Government.

Earlier, Pushilin approved nominations of DPR deputy PMs and key ministers:

Igor Martynov, Vladimir Antonov and Tatyana Pereverzeva were appointed as deputy chairpersons of the government.

Vladimir Pavlenko was named the Minister of State Security;

Alexey Dikiy – Interior Minister;

Alexey Kostrubitskiy – Minister of Emergencies;

Natalia Nikonorova – Foreign Minister;

Yuriy Sirovatko – Justice Minister.

Today other 15 other ministers have been named in decrees 101-115 published on the DPR official website:

Minister of Revenues and Duties – Evgeniy Lavrenov;

Minister of Economic Development – Alexey Polovyan;

Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food – Artyom Kramarenko;

Minister of Finance – Yana Chausova;

Minister of Coal and Energy – Ruslan Dubovskiy;

Minister of Health – Olga Dolgoshapko;

Minister of Industry and Trade – Eduard Armatov;

Minister of Communications – Viktor Yatsenko;

Minister of Education and Science – Evgeniy Gorokhov;

Minister of Culture – Mikhail Zheltyakov;

Minister of Labor and Social Policy – Larisa Tolstykina;

Minister of Construction and Public Utilities – Sergey Naumets;

Minister of Transport – Dmitriy Podlipanov;

Minsiter of Information – Igor Antipov;

Minister of Youth, Sport and Tourism – Alexander Gromakov.